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‘Shakhhsiyat’ is an Urdu word which means ‘one’s core Identity’, and when one operates from one’s core self,  positive change is the outcome for self, society and systems. 

At Shakhhsiyat we help you explore and activate latent potential and believe that individual and collective inner development and transformation are at the heart of engagement, progressive culture, generative conversations, innovation and sustainable growth.

About Us

At Shakhhsiyat, we work with Enterprises and Institutions in helping them take their leadership to the next level and maximising latent potential by building & developing effective teams, and engaging & retaining key talent.

We also help people overcome self-limiting beliefs, build self-confidence, gain clarity, find harmony, and evolve purposefully.

We collaborate with coaches, trainers and facilitators towards building inner capacity, skills and qualities of human inner as well as holistic growth and development.

Our Programs

At Shakhhsiyat, we provide innovative leadership solutions that enhance personal and team effectiveness, while addressing challenges of the post pandemic BANI (Brittle, Ambiguous, Non-Linear, and Incomprehensible) world. We work in partnership with leaders and organisations to cultivate non-linear, sustainable leadership solutions and bring about holistic positive change.

Our programs are rooted in a holistic approach  to promote both personal and organisational transformation towards a better  future for all. Deeper inner work is capable of enabling positive transformation at society and systems levels too and great leaders are always ready to flex their thinking towards a progressive evolving culture. 

We help you in designing Training and Coaching Leadership Programs.



Every human being can benefit from being coached. However, its reach is restricted and coaching remains exclusive to select senior management and leadership positions across companies.

We transform professionals by allowing them to pause, reflect, and deepen self-awareness. We facilitate conversations that deepen awareness and enable them to be better leaders today. Students can recognise their values, identify their blind spots and make conscious career choices for a successful future.

Early Managers can identify blind spots, leverage strengths, and accelerate their growth. Entrepreneurs can become better leaders in managing their teams, maximising ROI on people and scaling their businesses. 

We specialise in a range of initiatives and programs, including gender equity, cultural diversity & creating an inclusive culture. 

We also design and execute Leadership and Training Programs.

We customise Training Sessions on topics covering both, inner and outer transformation for teams and leaders. 

Emotional Intelligence


Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

Business Etiquette

Thinking/ Cognitive Skills

Creative Problem Solving

Team Building/ Collaborating Skills/Co-creation

Stress Mangement

Self Management

Openness and Growth Mindset

Ethics, Integrity and Authenticity

Presence and Mindfulness

Long Term Orientation and Visioning

Humility, Compassion and Appreciation for self 

Humility, Compassion and Appreciation for others

Inclusive Mindset and Embracing Diversity

Engagement and Mobilisation Skills

Innovative Mindset

Optimism and Power of Positive Self Talk 

Adaptability and Resilience

Conscious Self and Social Responsibility

Ability to have Courageous Conversations












  • Grooming and dressing of professional events
  • Business etiquette 
  • Dinning etiquette
  • Personality Development 

We do Keynotes on Inner Development Skills

Our process

One-on-One sessions 

We create a unique experience tailored to your core/authentic self, enabling you to  push limits, conquer challenges, and embrace new horizons. Our  personal growth coaching program will ignite a passion for continuous improvement in you, and enhance collaboration through enabling you in cultivating a mindset of adaptability and resilience.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Better Culture starts with better conversations, and better culture promotes well-being and significantly reduces stress amongst the employees. It also creates psychological safety and safe spaces where one can give and receive support, challenge each-others thinking, give and receive feedback, and test ideas. Such engagements stimulate strong and impactful developmental conversations.

Experiencing coaching can be life changing (mere understanding the meaning of coaching is not enough). If you devote some time and energy in the process, you will get to see your growth. 

Equipping leaders with coaching conversation skills, starting with basic skills of coaching, is how you can introduce coaching in your organisation. You could subsequently integrate these skills at other levels and also into their flow of work. This will also promote diversity and inclusion where employees are encouraged to brings a variety of perspectives and experiences, leading to cohesiveness, innovative solutions and effectiveness at all levels. 

Enough data driven insights are available online to prove the impact of coaching on growth, evolution and transformation of individuals. There’s also enough data to show that coaching leads to individual and organisation’s growth, it helps one expand one’s thinking to you challenges and provides resilience to the employees so that they can thrive through the challenging situations.

How we will work in partnership with you

1. Training Need Analysis

Before designing a solution, we initiate a TNA process to understand your business and determine your desired outcome. This helps us assess your current state, identify opportunities for collaboration, and set clear goals and objectives. Our approach is focused on gaining a comprehensive understanding of your needs to ensure the solutions we design are curated to meet those desired outcomes.

2. Design

Our collaborative approach to solution development ensures that you have a strong sense of ownership and that the final product aligns with your organisational vision and goals. Throughout the process, we’ll work with you to develop detailed project plans and clearly define expected deliverables.

3. Deliver

Whether it’s developing a leadership development program, or a series of cultural sensitivity workshops, we’ll collaborate closely with you to create and deliver a bespoke solution that meets your unique needs.

4. Debrief

As part of our commitment to continuously improve, we believe in giving and receiving feedback. We’ll debrief once the project has been delivered and get your feedback to assess the success of the project and identify areas for future improvement.

our founding Director

Rritu Rana is a credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from ICF, and a Leadership Facilitator & Corporate Trainer who also works as a consultant for designing Leadership Development programs . She is the Founder of Shakhhsiyat, a holistic growth and inner development skills venture. She also has her independent life coaching practice for serving individuals, and works with organisations as an Executive Coach.

She is empanelled with  national and international leadership development, consulting & training firms developing future leaders in building inner capacity, capabilities and skills for building agency, embracing inclusion, enabling cross-functional collaboration in serving diverse workforce.

She helps leaders and organisations rethink how they lead and believes in the power of leadership in driving greater impact by empowering their teams to design sustainable systems and processes for thriving workplaces.

She has been felicitated -‘Top Women in Soft Skills 2021’, by Women Entrepreneur India. She believes that educating the mind without educating the heart is incomplete education. She has also delivered projects to the Educational Institutions, The Indian Army, For Profits, Non Govt, Not for Profit Organisations, and worked with diverse cultures in multiple regions including rural sectors and remote areas.



Rritu Rana is a rare combination of a charming personality, intelligent mind and beautiful soul! She has made a huge difference in my life with her understanding of my requirements as a client. It was a pleasure to be enlightened by her on self management and interpersonal skills. I have become a more aware person holistically. Her recommendations are eye opening and I feel way more comfortable and confident to present myself with utmost positivity in any given scenario. I am inspired by her dedication towards her work and wish to learn a lot more from her. I wish her success in everything that she undertakes, going forward.
Sarita Agarwal
A Nutritionist and an Entrepreneur
I have known Rritu for over six years and seen her combine the best multiple training methods in her personalized sessions. She understands the need to polish personality as well as the need to project a certain image. I look forward to doing more projects together with Rritu by pooling our combined knowledge and resources. I wish her and her team at ‘Shakhhsiyat’ all success in shaping personalities wholistically.
Prasad Bidapa
Fashion Curator
Rritu is a woman of substance and is multi talented. She specializes in Human Resource Development and is very eloquent and persuasive. She can manage logistic chains with utmost efficiency and brings out the best in all her employees. A go getter, Rritu can accomplish all difficult objectives with ease and aplomb. I wish her and her team success!
Lt Gen Iqbal Singh Singha, AVSM,VSM (RETD)
Director Global and Govt Affairs at TAC Security
As an entrepreneur, I have been enriched by sessions with Rritu. Her ability to create a trusting environment in each session was amazing, and she ensured that I was extremely comfortable sharing my experiences. ​ Every coaching conversation I had with Rritu has helped me clear my thoughts as she follows a ‘no assumptions’, ‘no judgments’ approach by creating a safe space. This can only be done by someone who you can trust with helping you in go within to explore biases and untapped potential. Each intervention for my venture unravelled several blind spots as an entrepreneur and has led to clear action points for improvement of not only systems and processes but also customer experience. ​ Rritu’s intuitive ability is commendable.Through all our sessions, she encouraged and challenged me to come up with my own solutions by getting in touch with my core and my venture’s vision and I found this to be very empowering. I acknowledge Rritu with heartfelt gratitude for the contribution she has made not only to my abilities as a business woman but also my ‘beingness’ as a human.
Beenu Duggal
Founder Spindle & Yarn, Chandigarh, India
Rritu Rana has worked with me when I was the Chief Marketing Officer, INOX Leisure Limited. It's been a year of coaching engagements at all levels with Rritu as a coach at Content Engineers. She does a fantastic job of blending structure and flexibility to bring out the better version of individuals. Rritu enables consciousness of one's talents, blind spots and potential and aligns this core self of the individuals towards giving their best towards both, the ongoing projects and an organisation's vision. I would say, Rritu's humility and her own connection with her core self helps her enable the same in her clients. Her people management skills are unique and connecting in a way that it motivates our team way beyond the sessions to continue striving for the best. Rritu has a natural flair for the qualities such as compassion, creativity, emotional intelligence, intuition and objectivity, qualities of a great coach. She and her team at 'Shakhhsiyat-Skills For Significance' are a unique resource in Training, Leadership Development and Coaching domain. I wish Rritu and her venture everlasting success!
Saurabh Varma
Chief Creative Officer, Content Engineers
When I first came to you, I was feeling lost and unsure of myself. I had many dreams and aspirations but didn't know how to make them a reality. With your help, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to achieve my goals. Your guidance and encouragement were instrumental in helping me stay on track and persevere even when things got tough. What I appreciated most about our coaching sessions was how you always listened attentively and provided thoughtful feedback. You challenged me to think deeper and question my limiting beliefs, which helped me to overcome obstacles and develop a more positive outlook on life.Your coaching has not only helped me achieve my personal and professional goals but also taught me valuable life skills that I will carry with me throughout my life. I am now more confident, resilient, and proactive, and I owe much of my success to you. Thank you once again for everything you have done for me. You are an amazing coach and a wonderful person, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.​ I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate life coach.
Raman Soni
Rritu scores very high on emotional intelligence, the most wanted skill these days. She aces on soft skills with her deep empathy and understanding of human behavior. With her strength in soft skills and NLP, she ensures a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment for her team, which are vital attributes for organizations in an increasingly competitive world. Rritu conducted a workshop on ‘personality development for one of our women’s groups. Her suggestions have been practical and have helped all of them. I wish her and her team all the very best!
Bhavna Shah
Regional Head International Trade Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
Rritu is a efficient business coach. I approached her to develop new strategies to take my business to the next level. Over the duration of my association with her I have worked on developing a laser sharp focus and approach on what needs to be done on priority whether it is my health, family or business. My ability to conceptualise, plan and execute projects as a leader and for my team has shot up exponentially. Rritu uses a wide range of coaching tools and pulls out the right tools for the situation at hand. Her empathy, intuitive ability, and objectivity make the whole coaching engagement very pleasant and meaningful. I highly recommend Rritu as a Business Coach for any situation you may be dealing with at work as a business owner.
Gagan Khanna
First Generation Entrepreneur, G Khanna & Co., Mumbai, India
I have known Rritu both professionally as well as personally for over 25 years now. Her journey and transformation from an intern at AWWA to senior facilitator and now a full fledged accomplished corporate trainer and entrepreneur is ample proof of her sheer determination, commitment and tenacity. Rritu learnt with her feet on ground and has the requisite academic credentials to be a top class trainer. Soft skill training and coaching aspiring executives is her forte and she does it in her own unique style which always works well for her clients. It's a treat watching Rritu conduct her workshops which always score high on content, delivery and goal achievement. I wish Rritu and team ‘Shakhhsiyat’ all the very best!
Manish Kochar
CIO & Head of Strategy Dataval Analytics

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